We make lasting impressions across audiences with a blend of traditional and disruptive promotional medical education.

Our strategy is sound and bold.

Our content and tactics are always compelling, creative, and compliant.

We believe that high-impact medical content cannot be created in a vacuum. The best results come from having dedicated subject matter experts who share our clients’ vision and passion. Whether we are developing the strategy or executing it, we are partners. We understand brands, respective therapeutic areas, and the data to shift mindsets. When we impact our audiences, we succeed collectively by advancing the care of patients locally and globally.



Our Services

Strategic Planning

Sound medical education imparts the credibility to advance the science and the brand. It’s essential to lay a solid foundation with bold plans (and contingency plans) to achieve overarching goals and strategic imperatives to maximize reach.



Live and Virtual Meetings

We believe that traditional meetings conducted with modern and engaging elements are the cornerstone of a sound plan. Virtual engagement is more relevant than ever. We are inspired by the principles of TED Talks to ensure that our presentations are impactful and our meetings are dynamic. This sentiment is pulled through our ambitious agendas, our rigorous breakout sessions, and flawless facilitation. Our post-meeting executive summaries are meticulously detailed with key learnings and next step recommendations ensuring the enduring element of successful engagements.

Medical Storytelling

Edward Tufte has said “The commonality between science and art is in trying to see profoundly, to develop strategies of seeing and showing.” By combining data visualization best practices with effective medical storytelling and adult learning principles, the patient journey is realized and there is a call to action.

Publication Planning

We take medical publication planning very seriously and educate our clients on the latest guidance and recommendations.


We have navigated abstract and poster submission to local and global congresses such as ASCO and ESMO for decades.


We have successfully submitted manuscripts on behalf of authors and sponsors across tiered and open-access journals. We carefully design ancillary tactics to further bolster reach following publication.



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