• Susan Cuozzo

Maintaining Clarity During the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s been a few months since our last blog post, but needless to say, so much has changed. S+S{i} started off the year with a steady influx of projects, taking us into new and exciting subjects and therapeutic areas. While leveraging my own experience for prelaunch medical affairs best practices and strategic content development and publication planning, for the first time in a long time, I was learning about something new, sustainability. As a lifelong learner, I savor such opportunities.

When Covid-19 reached New York City, I was not sure HOW I would continue devoting so much time and energy to our clients while quarantined. How could I lead Zooms when my family is home with me? How can I get all of my work done when I need to also devote time to homeschooling? How can I stay physically and mentally well so that my clients and my family can continue to rely on me? Even though I wanted immediate answers, I am still learning how. S+S{i} is very fortunate because our work was not impacted by the pandemic. So, the ability to lose myself in work has been a real blessing and welcome distraction from the toll of Covid-19 on my neighborhood, my city, my country, and the world.

From a logistical perspective, I have been able to manage all of the Zooms, all of the time actually executing work, homeschooling, and domestic responsibilities by increasing the duration of my work day. I start my day at 5:30 AM so that I can get a lot done before homeschooling and then switch throughout the day between the two. The days are long and challenging. Work-life balance, like New York City, is on pause. But that’s okay because this is a moment in time and it feels good to rise to the challenge. Before the pandemic, I never envisaged being able to have important calls with clients while my child ate breakfast or being able to pivot to a school assignment on great white sharks and pivot back to my work, but this is my reality.

My family has been very fortunate to have averted the virus so far, which is first and foremost the priority for maintaining wellness during this crisis. This has meant a lot of time at home and occasional moments outside wearing masks and social distancing. Diet and exercise are always important but given my long work days, exercise is accomplished on weekends. Mental wellness is a real issue for most of us. Staying in touch with colleagues, friends, and family really helps and daily meditation practice is essential for me personally. Keeping perspective is also key. After a long work day, my spirits are buoyed at 7 PM when we clap our hands to show our appreciation for essential workers who don’t have the luxury of staying home to stay safe from Covid-19. It has also felt good to donate to organizations to help those in need including Robin Hood and New York Common Pantry. It felt even better to donate blood to the New York Blood Center, hoping to have made a difference in a life and death situation.

We look forward to less strange times. Until then, we have so much gratitude for our health, families, colleagues and our clients, and for getting through this together.


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