• Susan Cuozzo

Scientific Platforms: Building a Strong Brand Foundation

We have worked on many launches at S+S{i} and the opportunity to develop scientific platforms is one of the key reasons we find them so exciting. From our perspective, there is no better way to become fully immersed in a potential brand and further our expertise in a given therapeutic area. For our client partners, scientific platforms are really the bedrock of a sound strategic plan. We can best direct our communication and activities with fully aligned and consistent messages.

When we begin working on a new scientific platform, we will analyze information from clinical study reports and all published data. We draft key statements and organize them into pillars such as mechanism of action, efficacy, safety, etc. Part of this process involves identifying any gaps where key scientific considerations can be supported by more data, ensuring an air tight evidence base. From an external perspective, we thoroughly research challenges and opportunities as documented in the relevant scientific literature and presented at key congresses. We take into account insights from competitive intelligence, market research, and treatment guidelines (if applicable).

It is imperative to vet a draft scientific platform by conducting a scientific platform workshop to ensure alignment across all stakeholders. We typically include some slide presentations to anchor our discussions, but for the most part, we work in breakout groups and critically tackle each aspect of the platform. By the end of the workshop, we will have listed any outstanding gaps to be addressed, areas that require fleshing out and perhaps more research, have consensus on priorities, key messages and supporting references, and agree to a flow that connects pillars into a cohesive and sound medical story.

We will refine the scientific platform upon completion of the workshop, which then grounds subsequent medical content and crystallizes strategy and tactics. The revised scientific platform is by no means final – it is a living document that is regularly updated to reflect emerging details and phases.


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