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The Secret Behind Impactful Tactics and Content: Naturalistic Data

Updated: Jul 8

After decades of working with clients in big pharma, we have spent countless hours on strategic tactical planning. In each instance, following several months of hard work, all of the research and planning come to a crescendo when approved content reaches audiences. Expectations are high that important messages about data are clear and resonate with physicians and other health care providers so that knowledge gaps are bridged and patient care ultimately improves. However, what if the planning stages are not as informed as they could be? Typically, market research and social listening are taken into account and vetted with physician advisors’ input. In a recent chat with Chris Knight, Founder and Managing Director of egg, we learned about a more targeted approach that reveals a currently unsurpassed and unique level of detail.

S+S{i}: Chris, we have worked with you over the years and you have always been a go-to resource for expertise on the digital healthcare ecosystem. Please tell us what you have been up to and how it is a game changer.

CK: Absolutely. At egg, we have worked with teams at major pharmaceutical companies seeking to put a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in a specific therapeutic area to create content that is relevant and robust. There are different ways to do this but our unique digital service that we call VEN, like the diagram, launched at the end of 2019 has unsurpassed depth and breadth of granular detail and insight.

S+S{i}: A VEN diagram very accurately visualizes important information! Could you describe the service to non-digital natives like us?

CK: Of course. VEN compares three data sets: 1. Stakeholder ‘needs’ against 2. the client's current online activity that meets these needs, and 3. what our client's competitors, both direct and indirect, are doing online to meet these established needs. At the center of that three way cross over, is unique highly valuable data insight we call opportunity.

S+S{i}: How is this more detailed than direct market research or social listening?

CK: Direct market research is useful, but it is limited. It is subject to many forms of bias and is more often than not low in stakeholder sample number from which to predict the level of certainty. Social listening is good at identifying trending topics, the nature of which are ‘in the moment’ but these topics can be misleading as they may or may not be aligned with true stakeholder need; the source may or may not be your target customer; and not everyone is prolific on social media, which again reduces strategic confidence levels.

VEN overcomes direct marketing and social listening limitations by uniquely identifying, mapping and ranking total authentic stakeholder ‘need’ at every journey point from naturalistic omni channel data. This means every online stakeholder from everywhere online, not just social media.

VEN then compares these authentic ranked ‘needs’ or stakeholder demand as we call it, against the ‘in title’ online content of every market player (direct and indirect competition) or market supply as we call it, establishing both market-place ‘on target’ share of voice and identifying areas of unmet stakeholder need with empirical certainty. It’s basically a digital gap analysis looking at stakeholder demand versus market-place supply.

S+S{i}: That makes so much sense. We have the benefit of watching egg work and seeing the difference that VEN can then make in setting us up to develop more targeted tactics and truly needed content. We are so excited to have partnered with you!

CK: Same here! We have been thrilled with the rollout of VEN and our clients have been overwhelmed by the value it brings. But I have been keen to take the offering further and provide the next step of actually putting the findings of VEN into action with strategic tactical planning and content creation – and that’s where you come in.

S+S{i}: Thanks Chris. We are happy you have invited us on this journey with you and we know it will make a real difference in our work and the results that are clients are seeking.

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